100 Thieves benches Meteos and Stunt after 1-5 record

After three weeks of the North American League of Legends Championship Series Summer Split, there are some serious candidates to stay out of any chance to get to Playoffs.

One of these teams is 100 Thieves, who have only won one out of six games, and now live a difficult moment with some of the players.

After their loss against TSM last week in a 48-minute match full of action, 100 Thieves jungler William “Meteos” Hartman tweeted out that he was being benched from the starting squad heading into week four.

This tweet is now deleted, but this has been a poisoned dart from the player to his team. Apparently, he also wrote: “This is gonna sound like a troll post but just got word that I’m being benched after week 3 summer again XD. Not sure why I expected anything different“.

Juan “Contractz” Arturo Garcia is the Academy jungler and was expected to start for the team as Meteos substitute, and we have recently obtained both a confirmation and another surprise from the American team:

Next week for LCS, @poomelol and @Contractz will be our starting Support and Jungle, respectively. We’ll share a video tomorrow from @PapaSmithy regarding these roster changes. pic.twitter.com/0CJc45V6mW

— 100 Thieves (@100Thieves) June 29, 2020


Not only Meteos but also 100 Thieves’ main Support William “Stunt” Chen will be benched from next week.

Academy jungler and support, Contractz and Philippe “Poome” Lavoie-Giguere, would be moving into the LCS positions going forward, replacing Meteos and Stunt respectively.

100 Thieves General Manager PapaSmithy will release a video explaining this situation and reasoning why they took this decision.

Next week they will have the first opportunity to test these changes against Golden Guardians and Dignitas, but it is a big challenge to revert this 1-5 record with two less experienced players.

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