Afreeca Freecs signs 'Bang' and 'Lehends' to compose its bot-lane for 2021

The ‘Free Agency’ season keeps running and, while the Occidental regions, LCS and LEC, almost have their new rosters settled up, the Asian teams still work on their projects for the upcoming competitive season.

The LCK is probably the major region that has been delaying the news about important player transfers the most, but this is now changing, and today one of the 10 teams that will participate in the new franchise format of the Korean competition has announced some new player acquisitions with which they prepare for 2021.

A few hours ago, Afreeca Freecs shared on social media two new players: Bae ‘Bang‘ Jun-sik and Son ‘Lehends‘ Si-woo!

[Welcome Bang&Lehends]

— Afreeca Freecs LoL (@Freecs_LoL) November 30, 2020

These two players will compose Afreeca Freec’s bot lane in the LCK the next year, after having both gone through a very bad season, despite their well-known skills.

Bang, the prodigal son:

Bang comes from the LCS, where he has spent two years playing for 100Thieves (2019 Season) and Evil Geniuses (2020 Season) with very little success.

Now, the ADC comes back to the LCK, where he became one of the most legendary players in the world with SK Telecom T1, having a record that includes 2 World Championships, 2 Mid Season Invitational titles, and 4 LCK Championships!

At the age of 24, the player begins a new project with which to continue growing professionally, and with this message, he has expressed his excitement about his next adventure:

I want to improve myself through competition with the best players in the LCK. As I continue to learn, I won’t give up and do my best to show you more than you expect“.

Lehends, an LCK veteran

Lehends has never left the Korean league and joins Afreeca Freecs after a disastrous year with Hanwha Life Esports, ending 8th in Spring Split and 9th in the Summer Split.

Nevertheless, his history in the LCK was brilliant years ago. He was the main Support for Griffin, with which Lehends won 2 LCK Splits, 1 Rift Rivals, and 1 KeSPA Cup.

Now, the 21-year-old player joins Afreeca Freecs and Bang in the bot lane with the following message:

I am glad to join Afreeca Freecs, and can’t wait to play with good teammates. Thanks for your support and I’ll show you good performance

Afreeca Freecs’ final roster has yet to be confirmed, but for now, we have known that their current jungler, Lee ‘Dread‘ Jin-hyeok, has been officially re-signed for 2021, as the team announced a few days ago.

This leaves us with uncertain top and mid laners, but it looks like it is just a matter of time for Kim ‘Kiin‘ Gi-in and Song ‘Fly‘ Yong-jun to be confirmed to continue with the team one more season.

Anyway, we will keep you updated with any updates regarding Afreeca Freecs, stay tuned!

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