Age of Empires II July update brings buffs to Byzantines, Koreans and Portuguese; nerfs Battle Elephants

The July update for Age of Empires II is here and there are quite a few civilizations that will be smiling after this patch, but four that won’t be too happy. A total of six civilizations got rebalanced along with two general changes. Let’s take a look at how the changes might affect these civilizations.

General changes

A huge nerf for Battle and Elite Elephants. Trample damage is the damage that gets applied to enemy units besides the unit that is being attacked, which meant a huge heard of Battle Elephants had a big advantage going head on against a big group of infantry or cavalry units. This will definitely affect elephants taking on opposition armies in big numbers, and is a nerf for all four elephant civilizations – Khmer, Malay, Burmese and Vietnamese.

An increased point in damage is a nice buff for Condottiero, especially considering the fact that all allies of Italians can make the unit.

Civilization changes


Cataphract is a unit that is costlier than Paladins and it has lesser HP, damage and pierce armor than a Paladin. The thing that makes it unique is the trample damage, which Logistica provides. With the new patch, the upgrade to Elite Cataphract and and the unique tech, Logistica, are together cheaper by 600 food, which is a significant amount. Players will be able to afford it ealier while keeping up unit production.

Koreans and Portuguese

Koreans and Portuguese both have fully upgraded Arabalesters avaialable, which is where the buffs to wood and gold required respectively will play in.

For Koreans, the wood bonus will also play a role in trash wars. Halberdiers and Skirmishers will benefit from the decreased wood cost, as will all ships, except Turtle ships.

For Portuguese, it has a more profound impact. Arabalesters, Organ Guns, Caveliers, Siege units, all get the 5% added benefit. For a civilization that relies a lot on gold, this is a really good buff for the Portuguese.


Flaming Camels are considered more as memes than useful units, but that balance might begin to change with this buff. May not be the best idea against Elephant Archers, but Battle Elephants or War Elephants can’t do a lot when Flaming Camels come running towards them. Might turn out to be a decent solution for elephants in huge numbers.

There are definitely some good changes coming in with game update 39284. Many players have been complaining about the gameplay not being smooth after the update, but the AoE team has acknowledeged the issue and are working on it.

We are aware of an issue with smooth gameplay and looking into it. Thank you for your reports and patience, we will keep you updated here with more details as soon as they are available. Please continue to inform us of situations on the forums:

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