Apex Legends’ Always Be Closing LTM returning in Season 5

It seems as though Respawn Entertainment isn’t done adding Limited-Time Modes (LTM) to Season 5 of Apex Legends. Even with Season 6 on the horizon, the developers appear to have one more trick up their sleeve for fans of the battle royale. According to a new leak, Season 5 will feature the popular game mode “Always Be Closing.” Introduced with the Grand Soiree Event, this LTM has the circle closing as soon as the match starts. However, for this new iteration, leakers claim a new feature will accompany the popular Apex Legends LTM.

Always Be Closing arriving in Season 5?

Even as chaotic as a standard match of Apex Legends is, Always Be Closing takes it to a new level. Since the circle closes immediately, there’s very little time to grab some gear and make your way into the center of wherever the circle is headed.

Back when it was first introduced, Always Be Closing was fairly popular since the matches ended so quickly. You could get in and get out with a victory in a matter of several minutes. Although, that was without a new feature Respawn is supposedly adding this time around. Data-miner @Shrugtal has the information for us.

Always Be Closing Evolved @ 11/08

— Shrugtal (@shrugtal) July 27, 2020

Quick rundown of the ABC Evolved LTM.https://t.co/ocvt3s6fC6

— Shrugtal (@shrugtal) July 28, 2020

According to the leaker, Always Be Closing—which now has an “Evolved” tacked on the end of the name—will arrive on August 11. This is roughly one week before Season 6 begins, so it’s likely the LTM will only last for around 10 days.

Shrugtal also claims that Evo Shields will be the only shield in this mode. Respawn is presumably thinking this addition will lead to even more chaos since players want to try and evolve their shield.

Lastly, the data-miner says that some new content could arrive in the LTM. Apex Legends is set to receive a new legend and a reportedly a new hop-up. It’s Shrugtal’s belief that the new hop-up could be available when the mode goes live.

This hop-up is supposedly the “Graffiti Mod” that will be usable on the Spitfire. The Graffiti Mod is said to have paint-loaded rounds and increased magazine capacity. We’ll have to wait and see if all of this information turns out to be accurate or not.

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