BREN Esports MLBB talks Aura PH, improvement, sixth man, and more in exclusive interview

VPEsports had the chance to speak with the members of BREN Esports Mobile Legends: Bang Bang roster ahead of MPL-PH Season 6. In the interview, the team discussed how they’ve improved, how they beat Aura PH and the likelihood they can do it again, which player they’d add to the lineup if they could, and what they can work on as individuals to take their game to the next level.

You can read the interview in its entirety below.


VPEsports: First, what are the biggest improvements your team has made since last season / what are the biggest improvements your team needs to make?

-KarlTzy: Our biggest improvement is the way we shotcall. We need to further improve our chemistry.
-Ejhay: Our biggest improvement is on the roster, we now have Flap.
-Ribo: First, we constantly practice so we can learn new strategies. Second, since we have a new member, we need to find the chemistry as a team.
-Lusty: We now have better teamwork.
-Flap: Our team improve because we practiced a lot and we learned from our mistakes.
-Pheww: The biggest improvement in our team is the decision making both individual and team.
-Coco: Communication and teamwork, playing to win. Willingness to learn more/improve.

VPEsports: The new Aura PH lineup (ex-Sunsparks) are back-to-back champions and even won the MPL Champion Invitational but you guys have recently defeated them in the ML: SEA-Invitational qualifier. Do you think you can replicate that success? How?

-KarlTzy: Yes, we won because we have a new player and we have a 1-point advantage from the upper bracket win.
-Ejhay: We will prepare for them with all we can and beat them in Season 6.
-Ribo: I think we can beat Aura PH this time because we are discovering how they execute their strategies and we also recently defeated them in the Razer SEA invitational.
-Lusty: Yes, because we practice 9 hours a day.
-Flap: Yes, I think we can replicate that success because we all want to be champions and we are much stronger than before.
-Pheww: I think we have a chance to do that again but that will be very hard since Aura PH are aiming for 3x champs.
-Coco: If it is possible it will not be impossible to beat them again

VPEsports: If MLBB moved to six players and you could pick ANY player to join your lineup, who would you pick? Why?

-KarlTzy: Kenji, because he is a well-versed offlaner.
-Ejhay: No one, because I love my team.
-Ribo: Haze, because I have been with him for a very long time.
-Lusty: I think we have a good roster for now.
-Flap: I want to add ImbaDeejay because he is strong at playing support.
-Pheww: Kenji because he can help with shotcalls and is a good offlaner
-Coco: None.

VPEsports: Which teams do you think benefit the most from no LAN events right now and why?

-KarlTzy: SGD, because they are used to playing in their bootcamp.
-Ribo: I don’t know, I think every team is comfortable with no LAN events happening at the moment.
-Flap: Cignal Ultra because they are strong and they have a bootcamp.
-Pheww: I think the team who has a player with stage fright.

VPEsports: Which team do you like playing the most and why? Same for which team you dislike playing?

-Lusty: SGD, because we have the same gameplay.
-Flap: I want to add ImbaDeejay because he is strong at playing support.
-Pheww: I always enjoy playing with any team.

VPEsports: Individually, what can you work on as a player that will help your team improve as a whole?

-KarlTzy: I think I need to learn how to get along with my teammates more.
-Ejhay: Nothing, because I believe in my team.
-Ribo: Discipline and continue to enjoy the game.
-Lusty: To be more responsible.
-Flap: I need to improve my individual skills and I also need to improve my mentality of positivity so that our team will improve as well.
-Pheww: Shotcall, respo, micro, giving vision, delaying enemy jungle.
-Coco: Positive mindset, respo, invade.

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