Call of Duty 2020 could be revealed next week as mystery packages arrive

It appears that Call of Duty 2020 could be revealed soon, as influencers are starting to receive mystery packages. While it was originally thought that these boxes could have something to do with Warzone Season 5, Activision put clear instructions for the packages not to be opened until August 10. There’s even a padlock on each package that can’t be unlocked until next Monday. This is seemingly all pointing to a potential reveal for Call of Duty 2020, which is rumored to be called “Black Ops: Cold War.”

Call of Duty 2020 revealing soon?

One of the biggest mysteries in the Call of Duty community has surrounded the 2020 title. Whether it’s asking about the release date or the specific title and setting, no one is truly sure of anything. Sure, there have been some leaks over the course of the summer, but nothing official and concrete.

However, that may soon be changing. Earlier today, it was revealed that some Call of Duty personalities and influencers received a huge package in the mail. This was sent by Activision with explicit instructions to wait until August 10 to open. When that day comes, each package holder is required to send a text message to a certain number in order to get the code to unlock the padlock.

Clearly, this is something Activision wants this secret kept until the publishers are ready for whatever’s coming. Most believe that a Call of Duty 2020 reveal is what’s on the docket. The package presumably contains some details on the title or instructions for the reveal itself. This could also lead to some event in Warzone, which is where many believe the reveal will take place.

Influencers can open their packages at 12:00 pm ET on August 10, so that’s when new information should start rolling in.

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