Call of Duty: Warzone Skykov appears in Plunder match

A reddit clip has surfaced recently, that seems to show a new automatic pistol in Call of Duty: Warzone. The Sykov pistol has been previously leaked by data-miners, but isn’t an announced piece of future content. However, this is our first time seeing the weapon in action.

The Sykov is a sidearm that was first leaked in December of 2020. A fully automatic weapon, the gun was originally leaked in the Modern Warfare game files. However, many data-miners believe it will eventually join the Warzone weapon pool, and this new clip only adds fuel to the fire.

Sykov pistol coming to Warzone soon?

The reddit clip in question sees user “RestlessGoats” call in a Weapon Drop and be rewarded with something completely unexpected. Instead of a standard Modern Warfare or Black Ops Cold War weapon, the Sykov pistol ended up in the player’s hands.

  • I was able to get access to the new unreleased Sykov blueprint using weapon drops in Plunder