Chovy leads DRX back to the top rank and sends SANDBOX out of Playoffs

Today, the LCK celebrated its 8th Week of the Summer Split, one of the most important weeks for many teams that still struggle to qualify to Playoffs.

Four teams had their matches today: SeolHaeOne Prince faced DAMWON Gaming, and DRX had their match against SANDBOX Gaming.

In the series played by DRX and SANDBOX Gaming, there was a lot at stake: DRX needed a victory to secure the first position in the classification table, and SANDBOX Gaming desperately needed to win to keep having a chance to qualify for the next stage.

Game 1:

In the first game, DRX first took the lead at seven minutes, when a team fight for the drake took place and ended with the first kill and the objective on DRX’s hands.

From that moment, SANDBOX Gaming fell behind on the gold score, and even though they managed to take a couple of kills, DRX responded mercilessly, taking the lead on kills back, destroying the first turret and getting the second and the third drake.

It was in the minute 23 that DRX began a chase to hunt down the entire enemy team, that was running away to the bot lane. After taking the lives of two enemies, they quickly got the 4th drake and thus, the Mountain Soul.

DRX was unstoppable, and despite SANDBOX Gaming tried to fight and come back several times, the DRX got the Ancient Dragon and the Baron Nashor buffs, which helped them to open the enemy base and win the first game of the series.

Game 2:

On the second game of the day, DRX drafted a pick for the mid lane that reminded us of the good times of 2019: Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon got Sylas.

Only three minutes after the game started, DRX got the first blood in the top lane, while SANDBOX Gaming took their revenge on the other side of the map… or at least they tried because DRX’s AD Carry Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu managed to get one more kill, and prolonged the fight until his whole team rotated to the bot lane and set the assassination score 4-2 at minute four.

The next few minutes were pretty bloody, and both teams exchanged kills in different fights all around the map. SANDBOX Gaming took the first drake, and the gold score was pretty even during the first ten minutes.

The match was crazy, DRX took the lead in kills, but the enemy team did not step back and kept fighting… until Chovy’s Sylas decided to shine.

The mid laner quickly escalated and got super fed, and together with his jungler and top laner destroyed every enemy in front of him. DRX took their first drake and increased their advantage in the game, where the kills score was already 19-5 and the gold difference was almost 10k.

With these scores, SANDBOX Gaming could do nothing but watch as the enemy slowly destroyed him, taking turrets, objectives, and lives everywhere, and finally winning the game.

At the end of the day, with the victory of DAMWON Gaming against SeolHaeOne Prince, DRX place first together with DAMWON, while SANDBOX Gaming stays out of Playoffs, placing 7th with a scoring record of 6 victories and 8 defeats.

After the game, DRX mid-laner Chovy joined an interview with Inven Global to talk about today’s win.

The player claimed to feel relieved that they won since this helped them to maintain a high rank. This high rank is now shared with DAMWON Gaming, and the interviewer asked Chovy about the big loss that DRX had against them.

It’s not that different from any other losses. I just think that I should do better next time. I get over losses pretty easily. If there’s something to fix, I just fix that and get over it.

When asked about the feedback of that loss, Chovy explained that most of it were about the draft, and also about his own items management: “there was also feedback about me not buying Doran’s Shield”.

He also talked about Clozer, the young player that is lately playing in Faker’s position in T1. Clozer is a big fan of Chovy, but Chovy also had good words for him: “Clozer attempts trades often and it seems that his ability to pounce on a chance to kill is outstanding“.

There is still a lot of games to watch: Playoffs and Worlds are coming and Chovy is performing at a nice level… will he keep surprising us?

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