Dota 2 patch 7.27 released: General and item changes introduced with new basic item, Blitz Knuckles

IceFrog promised us a new Dota 2 patch a couple of weeks ago, and the first part of that patch is here! Dota 2 patch 7.27 has been released and while hero changes are not a part of the patch, general changes and item changes are the ones which have been concentrated on. The entire changelog, which is quite extensive, can been found here. We will look at some of the major changes that patch 7.27 brings with it.

General changes

(i) Increase in hero kill gold and experience

This was a complaint from a lot of professional players, that the gold and XP gained from killing opposition heroes, especially in the early game, was too less and there was more sense in just farming than going for early kills. The first signs of patch 7.27 are that that is about to change. VPEsports will do an in-depth analysis on it.

(ii) Change in Outpost control

Remember when you sneakily waited till 9:50 to go and take the enemy Outpost for that first set of experience? Well forget about that! Patch 7.27 ensures that at least the first experience at 10 minutes doled out by the Outposts goes to the respective teams and also the fact that teams maintain control of their main jungle, which can make it easier for a carry who has lost his/her lane to farm. If you’ve lost your Tier 2 tower before the 10 minute mark, then you don’t deserve the XP anyways.

Item changes

(i) Blitz Knuckles

A new basic item has been introduced to the game: Blitz Knuckles. The item provides +35 attack speed, costs 1000 gold and is a part of Monkey King Bar and Shadow Blade.

(ii) Bracer, Null Talisman and Wraith Band

All three early game items have been nerfed in terms of stats. In terms of what they offer, Bracer should probably be the item most affected, as it no longer offers magic resistance. This should provide a significant boost for magic heroes like Lina and Skywrath Mage in the mid lane.

(iii) Necronomicon

The most broken item of patch 7.26 has been nerfed. However, it has not been nerfed to the ground. But what will bring down it’s effectiveness is Helm of the Dominator getting nerfed, which will affect the Necronomicon summons.

(iv) Helm of the Dominator

One of the most significant nerfs of patch 7.27 is to Helm of the Dominator. The item is no longer a aura item and provides benefits only to the dominated creep. This means a huge impact on heroes that carry zoos around them like Lycan and Beastmaster. If Lycan was an insanely strong hero in patch 7.26, it was more becuase of this item than Necronomicon. Without even getting to hero changes, one can speculate that Lycan’s reign of terror has ended.

One a side note, the new Helm should bring out some good strategies. May be the retrun of carry Io?

(v) Blade Mail

Many years ago in Dota 1, the return damage on Blade Male was passive. Well, it’s back! It will now act like Centaurs Retaliate, except it will do so for all types of damage. Honestly, 20+20% seems like a lot of passive return damage and the item is bound to skyrocket in popularity.

These are just the changes that catch your eye at a quick glance. There are bound to be a lot more of them which will have far reaching impacts on the game. As we discover more and more of patch 7.27, VPEsports will bring you a detailed look at how the patch is bound to affect the game. Till then, jump into some pubs and start experimenting with Dota 2 patch 7.27.

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