EHOME are one series away from defending the DPL-CDA Professional League title

DPL-CDA Professional League Season 1 champions, EHOME are crushing the competition in the second season upper bracket, partly due to Techies, their newest addition to the hero pool, but also courtesy of incredible display of team fight coordination and game plan execution.

After they knocked down PSG.LGD Gaming into the elimination rounds yesterday with Zhao “XinQ” Zixing’s Techies, EHOME started today’s semifinals against CDEC Gaming with not just one “cheese hero.” Having secured Techies in the first picking phase, they decided to match CDEC’s push plan with a last pick Broodmother for Zhang “Faith_bian” Ruida, who simply outpaced the opponent Death Prophet and Nature’s Prophet to put his team in the lead in the series counting for a top-three finish.

Despite the devastating loss, CDEC kept their Nature’s Prophet plan for game two as well but paired it with Queen of Pain in the mid lane and plenty of control spells coming from the support duo to keep EHOME’s big carries, Chaos Knight and Alchemist, locked down or constantly kited. And even though they had serious troubles breaching high ground, initially, an inspired Lotus Orb on Earthshaker along with double silences coming from NP and QoP’s Orchids were enough to eventually get the GG call from EHOME.

Headed into the finals game of the series, EHOME came up with a global presence tactic revolved around Zeus, Nature’s Prophet and Spectre and went on rolling over CDEC in just 24 minutes to secure themselves a spot into the finals.

The other finalist team is Aster, who cut through Vici Gaming 2-0 with a mid lane Kunnka and big team fights brought by a combination of Void Spirit- Ancient Apportion, Snapfire- Enigma.

The upper bracket finals EHOME versus Aster are set to be played tomorrow, July 25. Until then, CDEC Gaming and Invictus Gaming will decide which one will be eliminated today, while Vici Gaming and PSG.LGD will duel in the lower bracket in the opening series of tomorrow.

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