Elephant bring back old Morphling-Earthshaker combo to land the first victory in China DPC League

China’s super-team Elephant entered the first season of Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) with all eyes on them. From fans to analysts and experts, everyone had this team with the best players in the region as the main contender for a spot at the Major.

However, their opening series went from bad to worse and their chance at actually claiming the top spot in the league is now extremely low, if not impossible to achieve. Early losses to Invictus Gaming and Team Aster changed Elephant’s objective from aiming at the first place to now fighting for at least a top four finish. With that in mind, today’s battle against the qualified team LBZS was crucial for Elephant.

And as per usual, they started the first game with a nearly perfect laning stage. LBZS ran a Puck-Earth Spirit duo meant to dominate the team fights with their silences and area control, but Elephant were able to outmaneuver them past the 30-minute mark, when Morph completed his Aghanim’s Scepter, Manta and Ethereal Blade and was able to shape-shift between Morph and ES and outplay the opposition to end the game without a single death to his name.

Unfortunately for LBZ, who are yet to at least steal a game from any of their adversaries, the series against Elephant went downhill after that.

For the second game, Elephant reserved the last pick for  Zhang “Eurus” Chengjun, who was given Io to carry the game, while Lu “Somnus” Yao crushed the mid lane with Razor. Despite landing the first blood, LBZS weren’t capable of winning the early game, where they usually shine. The mid lane was a complete disaster and that led to Razor setting a high tempo and a 10K gold advantage by the 15minute mark. With Io also avoiding any deaths, Elephant rolled over LBZ, expanding the gold gap and taking their first victory in the first season of Dota Pro Circuit.

While today’s success is a small step towards recovery for Elephant, who now sit on the sixth spot in the standings with an overall 3-4 game score, yet another 0-2 defeat for LBZ pushes them to the very last spot in China DPC League with 0 wins and 6 game losses.

headline photo courtesy of Perfect World

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