Esports Combine Looks to Create Scholarship Opportunities Throughout North America

Super League Gaming together with Indiana Esports Development LLC., have agreed to partner in a broadcasting deal for this year’s The Esports Combine taking place Oct. 16-18. The combine, similar to that of the combines of the NFL, gives aspiring esports players an opportunity to showcase their talents for recruiters, universities, and industry professionals. The Esports Combine looks to help players receive varsity team offers and scholarships from colleges and universities throughout North America.

Super League Gaming, as part of the agreement, will produce streams for the official Combine Showcase showing five different game titles highlighting the top prospects. Super League will lean on its proprietary, fully-remote production capabilities and visualization technology to feature esports college coaches and recruiters in the booth, sharing commentary and insight on what coaches look for in terms of players.

Viewers of the combine will be privy to real-time information on which top prospects emerge while learning about the skills and attributes coaches are looking for. Also, an aspect for the players participating inside the combine will be the addition of Harena Data’s GYO platform, in which players will have access to “high-level analytics” that provide feedback to their games and are available for viewers to explore.

The Esports Combine expects to host more than 1.5K players, school leaders, esports industry experts, and media online. 

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