GOSU.AI partners up with Overwolf

The GOSU AI Assistant is now free.

This article is proudly sponsored by GOSU.AI.

Gaming platform Overwolf is teaming up with AI-based voice assistant GOSU.AI to help its users improve their play in MOBAs like League of Legends and Dota 2

Starting June 30, the GOSU.AI application will be free to download and use on the Overwolf app store. 

This partnership is part of GOSU.AI’s continued development and expansion in the gaming space. In just over six months, GOSU.AI has attracted more than one million active monthly users to its application. Overwolf has over 30,000 creators and 12 million monthly active users that will now be able to use GOSU.AI and all of the data it includes. 

“A free voice assistant is what our users have been asking for and I am excited that today we made it possible,” said Alisa Chumachenko, CEO of GOSU Data Lab. “This is the next step in our product development and we have already planned numerous features on how to improve our product even further.”

GOSU.AI will continue to improve its product offerings throughout this partnership with updates such as product localization, live voice-chat with AI, pre-match analysis, party-finder, a news feed, app personalization, and premium content for platform supporters all on the horizon. 

With the app becoming free to use and expanding to different audiences, GOSU.AI aims to become a community hub where players can find new people to play with, get advice from high-rank players, discuss product development, and even participate in community events.

“We were super impressed with the level of creativity and innovation behind GOSU.AI,” said Gil Tov-Ly, VP of growth at Overwolf. “Adding voice assistant tips to competitive gaming is such an inspiring take on a real problem many gamers face – how to learn new champions, play better, and enjoy the game more. We’re very excited to partner with GOSU, and we’re confident that the app is going to do very well.”

The GOSU Assistant is available both via the Overwolf app store and the official GOSU.AI website. If you want to take your game to the next level, give the GOSU AI Assistant a try.

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