Indian Streamer 8bit Thug Partners With Gigabyte AORUS and CORSAIR

 Indian streamer, influencer, and team owner Animesh ‘Thug’ Agarwal announced partnerships with Gigabyte AORUS and CORSAIR. The partnership with AORUS will see Agarwal help create a variety of content-led brand activations such as giveaways, product reviews, PC building sessions, talk shows, and tournaments like the on-going AORUS cup. The partnership with CORSAIR allows Agarwal to explore both PC related activations and mobile related ones through the Elgato line of products.  

The 24-year old former professional player turned team owner is one of the pillars of the Indian PUBG MOBILE community, having been one of the first people to invest both money and time into the scene. Since then, he has set up a local esport organization known as 8bit and also manages other popular gaming influencers. Agarwal is also a regular streamer and content creator, particularly known for his 20-episode interview series with top Indian professionals known as “Charcha with Thugwa.” He has also created a series of videos called Thug Talks where he advises newer community members on the correct way to build a professional gaming career.

While Agarwal’s primary choice of game has been PUBG MOBILE, he has begun experimenting with platforms other than mobile in the last month. Speaking to TEO about the partnerships, Agarwal said, “I have been meaning to play and stream more PC games for a while now. While mobile gaming is something I’ll always root for, I do want to try out different titles and experiences. PC Gaming is something that I am familiar with and I have been enjoying some of the newer titles like VALORANT. I really want to introduce the mobile community to some of these games and hope that they too have as much of a good time watching as I do playing them. With these partnerships, I have some big plans for the PC gaming community and hope to reveal more and deliver on them in the months to come. I am grateful to all the partners for placing their trust in me and my community and I will do my best to do justice to them.”  

Shounak Sengupta is a staff writer for AFK Gaming.

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