Leaked: 'Yone', Yasuo's brother, could be the 150th Champion for LoL

Only a couple of days have passed since we started to know the details about the next Champion for League of Legends: Lillia, “The Dreaming Jungler”.

In the article summarizing all the details that we know about this Champion, we talked about a second new Champion coming after Lillia, that was supposed to be an assassin and is expected to be released in the same big Summer Event that Riot Games is preparing for us.

Today the Brazilian streamer ‘Streamie‘, who also leaked some information about Lillia, claims to have seen the next champion with her own eyes, and she is pretty sure that it was YoneYasuo’s brother.

‘Streamie’ shared with the world her thoughts about Lillia, a long time before its non-official splash art was revealed, and everything in that picture fit the Brazilian streamer’s descriptions.

Rumors say that ‘Streamie’ has some contacts within Riot Games, so after his clean prediction about Lillia, we shouldn’t immediately reject her thoughts about Yone.

According to her confession, she received a Concept Art of Yone, and used this picture of Sett as an example for us to be able to imagine how the new Champion might look like:

‘Streamie’ also talked about Yone’s hair, whose aspect would be very similar to the card and depiction we have from Legends of Runeterra (featured image of this article), but maybe with some more hair laying on his shoulders.

His eyes would be red and blue, and his face covered by a mask. This description fits perfectly with the image provided by Riot Games in their Champion Roadmap for June 2020:

In addition to this, Yone would be a shirtless figure with pale skin that has bandages on both arms and would use two swords: one like the one we see in his LoR card and a red one like the one we can see in the teaser, ‘Streamie’ says.

Riot Games have spent a while tricking us with this Champion, whose teaser was revealed in April. Last time we could think about Yasuo’s brother was with this mysterious tweet:


— League of Legends (@LeagueOfLegends) June 19, 2020


Leaks actually fit, and everything looks settled for Yone’s release soon, most probably in Riot’s Summer Event, that will also bring lots of new surprises.

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