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The next expansion for Legends of Runeterra, Monuments of Power, drops in just a couple of days on October 14. Before that though, Riot has dropped another reveal for a new champion coming to the game, Shyvana. Shyvana joins the two other champions revealed for the new set so far, Soraka and Tahm Kench.

Shyvana revolves around the Dragon archetype. She is a 4 cost champion with 3/4 and the effect “Attack: Give me +1/+1 this round.” She levels up when she has seen dragon allies deal at least 12 damage. When leveled up her stats become 4/5 and she gains the Fury keyword. Since she literally turns into a Dragon she gets the Fury keyword just as all the other Dragons in the game have. Her effect reads “Attack: Give me +2/+2 this round and create a fleeting Strafing Strike in hand.”

Her champion spell is “Shyvana’s Confront,” a 3 drop burst speed spell that reads, “Grant an ally challenger. Shuffle a Shyvana into your deck.” This spell is great to use on a lower power unit to allow Shyvana and your other big, beefy Dragons easy access to the opponent’s nexus. Strafing Strike is a 3 drop fast speed spell that says, “An ally and an enemy strike each other. Then, if the ally is a Dragon, heal it 2.” This card is great before Shyvana levels up to help your Dragons deal more damage to fuel her level up condition and helps trigger the Fury keyword as well. Once she is leveled up though and has constant access to this card, all of your units become a far bigger threat to your opponent. This card is really great support for the Dragon archetype moving forward in Legends of Runeterra.

Here be Dragons

Shyvana comes with three new units for support, two of them being brand new Dragons. Eclipse Dragon is a 7 drop with 7/5 and the Fury keyword. Its effect reads “Daybreak: The next Dragon or Celestial unit you play costs 2 less. Nightfall: Create a random Dragon unit and Celestial unit in hand.” For those that don’t remember, Daybreak and Nightfall are two new abilities that were added with the last expansion for Legends of Runeterra that introduced the Targon region. Daybreak activates if the card is the first card you play during your turn. Likewise, Nightfall is activated as long as it is not the first card you play during a turn. It is really nice to see Daybreak and Nightfall get more support and Eclipse Dragon is a great addition to both the Dragon and Celestial archetypes, either making them easier to play or just giving you more units to summon.

Kadregrin the Infernal is a 9 drop with 9/6 and the Fury keyword. Its effect is “When I’m summoned, grant other Dragon allies everywhere +2/+2.” It is important to note that when Shyvana is leveled up she is considered a Dragon. This means that when Kadregin is summoned and Shyvana attacks she automatically becomes an 8/9. This card more than justifies its cost and with a few Dragons on board, plus cards like Shyvana’s Confront, when Kadregrin hits the field it probably means game over for your opponent.

Lastly is my favorite piece of support for Shyvana and Dragons as a whole. Dragonguard Lookout is a 6 drop with 3/5 and the effect “When I’m summoned, if you Behold a Dragon, Rally.” This card does everything a Dragon card wants to do. Having a Dragon on board or in hand is practically a guarantee so Lookout’s effect will almost always trigger. This lets you attack twice, utilize the Fury keyword multiple times, fuel Shyvana’s level up condition, and trigger attack abilities multiple times. This card is absolutely fantastic and an easy 3 of in any Dragon deck.

How to train your Dragons

It is nice to see the Dragon archetype get some support, and Shyvana feels like she will make for a great aggro deck when mixed with other cards from the Demacia region. It remains to be seen how well the deck will be able to hang with so many faster deck types out there though. We will find out either way when Monuments of Power releases on October 14. You can download Legends of Runeterra for free on its official website.

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