LoR Singleton Gauntlet: Guide and best Decks to win

For the first time ever, Legends of Runeterra Singleton Gauntlet mode opens today and will be available until Monday.

The special feature of this Gauntlet format is that we will be allowed to play decks that use no more than one copy of each card. Players can only add a total of six champions, one copy of each, in addition to a single copy of units and spells within a 40-card build. 

With this single deck, we need to accumulate 7 wins with a maximum of two losses in a row (you can lose one and keep winning, but if you lose two, you are out).

Though, there is an exception to this “two loses in a row” rule: we have only one attempt to get to our final, seventh win. After the sixth win, we can only afford one lost game.

This Singleton mode, the first non-standard mode that we have for the Gauntlets since its release last week, will be available for two weeks in a row, as Riot Games confirmed a couple of days ago:

New Gauntlets every weekend. Ready to run it back? pic.twitter.com/WozWlBz1u2

— Legends of Runeterra (@PlayRuneterra) July 1, 2020


For those who get to win the seven games, some new rewards will be waiting:

The special icon on the left will be given to all those players who just participate in this event. We will get it as soon as we enter the game. The special icon on the right is just for those who conquest the Gauntlet and win their seven games.

Additionally, the gauntlet runs reward with XP based on the number of wins we have scored:

  • 1 win: 50 XP;
  • 2 wins: 150 XP;
  • 3 wins: 400 XP;
  • 4 wins: 500 XP;
  • 5 wins: 750 XP;
  • 6 wins: 800 XP;
  • 7 wins: 1100 XP.

Since there are a number of unique considerations to take into account, Singleton brewing will require some adjustments on the deck builder’s part.

It is hard to say what decks work the best, but here we have gathered some of the most voted so you can choose yours:

Noxus/Piltover & Zaun Aggro


‘Purrsuit’ of Perfection


Piltover & Zaun/Shadow Isle Control

Deck Code:

Maokai Control

Deck Code:

Mono Freljord

Deck Code:


Deck Code:


Deck Code:

Demacia Midrange

Deck Code:

Chilly Midrange

Deck Code:

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