MPL-PH: BREN Esports discuss season, playoff opponents, and talk a little trash in video interview

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines has put together a series of interviews with the teams of the Season 6 playoffs. Hosted by Wolf, the interviews involve both serious and silly questions that show both sides of the teams being questioned.

Released just earlier today, the interview with BREN Esports covered a variety of topics including the top performer on the team and in the league as a whole, the opponents they wish to face in the playoffs, how they practice & find their meta, and more.

After introducing themselves and their roles, Wolf asked Pheww about the journey of BREN Esports in Season 6. “The journey for MPL Season is okay. The regular season is almost over and we have a new player, FlapTzy,” he explained. “Our chemistry was easily developed, as you can see in the results of our games.”

He’s not lying either. BREN Esports finished with a 12-1 record across the season, the best in either group. This earned the team a top seed heading into the playoffs.

In terms of who “shone the most this season” on the team, Pheww chose FlapTzy. “We got him from RG and now he’s one of the best offlane players in the team.”

Wolf also asked the team who they believed to be the biggest obstacle during their season to which KarlTzy chose Omega. “They were the ones who best us last season. They were also the ones who beat us when we were winning.”

In terms of how the team prepared, Ejhay explained they had to go outside of their normal opponents to find a challenge. After watching streams from other countries BREN would challenge those teams to practice. “Here in the Philippines, they are the strongest,” the coach said nodding to his team. “We have no one to beat anymore. so we challenge players from other countries. We get metas from there.”

KarlTzy was then asked which team he wants to face and his answer wasn’t all that surprising. “I want to face Aura because they are the back-to-back champion.” Next up was Ribo and he chose NXP. “They’re more famous, so when we beat them they’ll be outdated,” he said to laughter from the rest of the team.

Continuing with Ribo, he was asked to list off the top three players of Season 6. “Top 1 is Chester. He’s the most consistent player, who’s always killing it,” he responded once again to laughter from his teammates. “Top 2 is Lusty. He’s the best tank. Top 3 is Karl, he’s good but he’s very lazy.”

From there Wolf had the team speak to the trophy which definitely lent itself to some funny and some cringe moments. To close things out the team shared words to their opponents and fans.

You can watch the full video here:

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