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Edgard “n0ne Sheleby won Super Smash Bros. Melee Singles at GOML Online 2020 on July 19. With 1,367 entrants (not counting DQs), it was the largest online Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament to date.

Despite being the tournament’s fourth seed, n0ne’s run through the early parts of the bracket was hardly free. Before even reaching top 32, he dropped games to Brandon “BZimm” Zimmerly and Jonathan “Plank” Graybeal. Once in top 32, n0ne beat Logan “LSD” Dunn 2-0 and Joseph “Azel Resplandor 2-1 to advance into top 8.

Interestingly, some of n0ne’s most dominant performances of GOML Online Melee Singles came against his toughest opponents in top 8. He earned 3-0 victories over Zaid “Spark Ali and Avery “GingerWilson to reach Grand Finals on winners side. He did lose the first set of Grands 1-3 to Cody “iBDW Schwab. However, n0ne retaliated with a narrow 3-2 victory in set two to win the tournament.

Get On My Line 2020 is an ongoing fundraiser event for a potential in-person GOML 2021. To follow up this Melee event, GOML Online will return with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate next weekend.

Other results from GOML Online 2020 Melee Singles

IBDW was faced with making a difficult losers run after an early loss to Isaac “bobby big ballz” P. However, he managed to finish in a remarkable 2nd place in GOML Online’s Melee event. IBDW made it into top 8 by eliminating Ben Strandmark, Austin “Reeve” Reed, and Azel. Then, in perhaps his most impressive set of the tournament, iBDW scored a 3-2 victory over Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma.

From there, iBDW won his runback against bobby big ballz 3-0, in addition to beating Zachary “SFAT” Cordoni 3-0. He also earned 3-1 wins against Ginger and n0ne before finally falling to n0ne in a close Grand Finals set.

Compared to the rest of GOML Online’s Melee top 8, bobby big ballz was somewhat of an odd man out. He was ranked No. 80 in the world on the 2019 MPGR. In comparison, the next lowest-ranked player in GOML’s top 8, Toussaint “2saint” Turnier, was No. 35 in the world. Nevertheless, bobby big ballz made many impressive upsets en route to 5th place. Most notably, he defeated iBDW and 2saint to make it into Winners Semis.

Melee’s perennial best player, Hungrybox, fared a bit worse than expected at GOML Online 2020. This was his first online Melee tournament since Pound Online in April. Despite improvements to Melee’s netcode since then, Hungrybox lost to Spark and iBDW for a disappointing 7th place finish. Hungrybox has not placed lower than 5th at an offline tournament where he played his main since The Big House 4 in October 2014.

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