NRG add CSGO professional s0m to new VALORANT lineup

Just days after announcing their move into Riot’s popular first-person shooter VALORANT, NRG has added another Counter-Strike professional to the fold. Sam “s0m” Oh has joined his former Gen.G in-game leader Damian “daps” Steele as part of the new lineup. The 18-year-old is the third member of the new division to be revealed as former NRG, OpTic, and Evil Geniuses coach Chet Singh has been brought on to fill that role.

While it wasn’t as surprising daps elected to try out a new game given his extensive history with Counter-Strike, seeing a young talent such as s0m make the move is a bit more surprising given he hasn’t struggled to find a home in the title for quite some time.

s0m will play the role of duelist for the new lineup according to the tweet from NRG although in the announcement video of daps & chet they revealed they weren’t necessarily going to fall into building the roster based on specific metas and roles too much as they theorycraft things to see what could work best.

The young talent joins an ever growing list of players making the jump from Valve’s CS:GO to Riot’s VALORANT as the esports ecosystem in the former continues to struggle outside of the very top.

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