OGA Dota PIT Season 2 EU/CIS statistics: Doom and Rubick are the breakout heroes of the new patch

The new patch (7.27 b) along with changed heroes came out around two weeks ago and tournaments right after new patches are always fun to watch, with teams still figuring out the new meta and experimenting a bit here and there. The OGA Dota PIT Season 2 EU/CIS tournament was one of the first tournaments to be played on patch 7.26c, and even though Team Secret, Virtus Pro and Team Liquid weren’t a part of it, a most of the big EU and CIS teams were seen battling for the top prize. Nigma defeated Alliance in a hard fought 3-2 grand final win, a victory they achieved with their coach Roman ‘rmN’ Paley standing in for captain Kuro Salehi ‘Kuroky’ Takhasomi. Let’s take a look at the team and hero statistics for the tournament.

Team statistics

Hero statistics

Total games played: 36

Total heroes picked: 88
Number of heroes unpicked or unbanned: 20

Most picked hero(s): Magnus (14 games, 4 wins, 28.57%), Rubick (14 games, 10 wins, 71.43% win rate)
Most contested hero: Doom (33 games, either picked or banned in 91.67% of the games)
Most banned hero: Doom (22 games)

Hero with the highest win rate (10 games or more):
Rubick (14 games, 10 wins, 71.43% win rate)
Hero with lowest win rate (10 games or more):
Magnus (14 games, 4 wins, 28.57%)

It seems like Doom, Rubick and Magnus are the heroes in demand as the new meta settles down. Doom has been played in multiple roles and was banned out in most games as teams don’t really want to play againt the demon. Rubick and Magnus were both picked in 14 games this tournament, the highest of any of the heroes, but with very different results. While Rubick won 10 of the 14 games, Magnus only managed 4 wins. All three of these heroes recieved buffs in Dota 2 patch 7.27b, so it isn’t the biggest of surprises that they are getting the popular vote.

There had been a bit of break in touranments, and Nigma were the ones who seemed the most prepared coming out from the break. It has to be said though, Alliance did put up a pretty good performance themselves, eliminating OG and bringing the grand final back to 2-2 after being down 0-2. The next major tournament to look out for is the OMEGA League, which will begin on the 14th of August and has a $500,000 for the Europe/CIS region. And yes, Team Secret, Virtus Pro and Team Liquid will all be playing that one, raising the competition to the next level. By then, teams will have figured out the meta a lot better, making the games a lot more different than what we in OG Dota PIT season 2.

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