Omega's KurTzy picked BREN as his MPL-PH grand final opponent "because they are the strongest this season"

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Philippines has put together a series of interviews with the teams of the Season 6 playoffs. In this interview, the now grand finalists Omega PH talk about the pandemic, their opponents, and dream team.

After introducing themselves individually, Wolf just straight into the pandemic by asking head coach Steven Vitug how the currently COVID-19 global issue has effected the team.

“It was 50/50. There was a time when we worried for our families, we lived very far and we can’t go home,” the coach explained. The good side is nothing has changed because we were just inside the bootcamp. We were able to practice more.

Wolf then hit with a follow up question about maintaining the team’s “mental fortitude” during that time in order to keep them focused while also being able to maintain “good relationships with their families.”

Vitug explained that he would tell his players that life outside of the bootcamp is challenging.

The focus this shifted toward the players as the host asked which player had shone the brightest throughout the season.

“All of them,” Vitug said. “Because if one of them makes an effort, everyone makes an effort too. They don’t want seeing just one person making an effort.”

The twins on the team were targeted next for a question from Wolf. Asked which team they’d want to face in the grand finals, KurTzy said BREN Esports, “because they are the strongest this season,” while Hadjizy chose NXP “because they are famous.”

KurTzy has gotten his wish as we now know the teams in the finals will in fact be Omega and BREN.

When asked what his dream team would be, Heath wouldn’t change a thing. “For me, it’s already this team because I dream to be a champion,” the tank/support player said.

You can see the video interview in its entirety below:

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