Paul “Redeye” Chaloner Resigns as Director of Code Red Amid Allegations

Paul “Redeye” Chaloner is walking away from esports and resigning as the director of Code Red, an esports consultancy agency. One of the most prolific esports hosts in the industry, Chaloner has recently been the target of accusations by esports commentator James Banks, who described alleged workplace abuses including a physical assault perpetrated by Chaloner. Banks also posted documents related to a 2015 court case in which Chaloner was charged with alleged domestic violence against his wife. He was found not guilty by a jury.

In a statement posted on social media, Chaloner wrote that the impetus behind leaving the industry was largely due to the court case documents that were shared publicly, which led to his children becoming one of the focal points of Banks’ posts.

“I might have been able to cope with all the shit being thrown at me — a mix of truths, half truths, and falsehoods — but when my children were dragged into this, that went beyond any reasonable attack and became cruel and vicious,” Chaloner wrote.

Chaloner says that he came close to taking his own life within the past 24 hours:

“…the onslaught of accusations towards my character and the unwarranted involvement of my family has taken this to new depths,” Chaloner wrote. “I have come very close in the last 24 hours to taking my own life and feel that stepping away to deal with my issues is the only way I am going to survive.”

Posts surrounding Chaloner’s alleged workplace behavior and court case were brought to light when Banks, who used to work with Chaloner as an esports interviewer and host while at Gfinity, described a series of alleged incidents that occurred during his time there.

Chaloner has been a staple of the Dota 2 scene having hosted The International, Dota 2’s world championship event, for the last two years. He has also hosted many of the larger CS:GO events including both the PGL Krakow Major and MLG Columbus Major.

“I have loved my time in esports and would like to thank all the fans who have ever supported me,” Chaloner wrote in his farewell. “This is obviously not how I thought it would end for me in esports, but I am truly grateful for everything and proud to have been there to watch the industry grow and share the last 18 years of my life with you.”

Chaloner did not respond when reached for comment.

Banks, when contacted by The Esports Observer, said he is now receiving death threats and hate mail from Chaloner supporters.

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