Pokémon Sword and Shield new DLC ‘The Crown Tundra’ announced, legendaries returning

Back when Pokémon announced the first DLC for Sword and Shield, a lot of fans’ hopes were shot down. These people were hoping to get more Pokémon from previous games, especially the legendaries we all love so much. But, it seems Nintendo has taken that feedback into their second DLC package: The Crown Tundra.

Old legendaries are back

Now, when the DLC arrives on October 22 (October 23 for Europe), fans can finally hunt their favorite old legendaries. The nostalgia hunts will be very real in about a month, with a picture from Nintendo Life showing all legendaries returning. But, this also seems to confirm the idea of still having game-specific pools of Pokémon to obtain before trades. They haven’t announced which half is Sword and which is Shield yet. Alas, we do know that every legendary from every old Pokémon game is obtainable. If you want to relive your Sinnoh days, you can hunt for Palkia, Diagla and Giratina. If you’re feeling classic, you can hunt for Mew, Mewtwo or the trio of Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos. They’re all back.

More DLC content

Not only are the return of all past legendaries a great point, but there seems to be some extra additions. First of all: a new group hunting path called Dynamax Adventures. This will let you team up with three other players and hunt Pokémon in dens throughout the new DLC. In doing this, you can rent powerful Pokémon to use in the journey to hunt these old legendaries we all want.

Yet, this DLC isn’t just for hunting Pokémon. They also included a new tournament to join to: the Galarian Star Tournament. In this mode, you’ll have to team up with a Trainer you’ve dueled against from the previous DLC or the main game. Fight in this Multi Battle Tournament for ultimate glory back in the Wyndon stadium.

This will all come to Pokémon Sword and Shield in late October, and it seems like catching them all is now all the more fun.

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