Quincy Crew set for their straight eleventh grand finals appearance this year

Dota Summit 13 Americas battle for the title marks the eleventh grand finals appearance through 2020 for the unsponsored Quincy Crew and will give them the opportunity to win eight tournaments in a row.

Since the dissolution of Chaos Esports Club Dota 2 team at the end of March, the five players left without a sponsor went on simply annihilating any competitor in North and South America. In the span of eight months, they reached the grand finals of every single tournament held in their region and won seven of those. Dota Summit 13 is no different story, as they cruised through the group stage with a 17-1 game score and proceeded on winning all upper bracket series to make it to the 11th grand final.

Unlike the competition in Europe and CIS, the Americas playoffs are played in a double elimination bracket format, which will give the teams that lost to QC in the upper bracket a shot at taking revenge.

Thunder Predator got bested 2-0 in the semifinals and will have to go first through their SA friends from Infamous to reach the lower bracket finals, where 4FUN (formerly known as Team Zero) is waiting after last night’s defeat to QC.

So far, Jacky “EternaLEnVy” Mao’s stack 4FUN was the only squad able to steal a game from Quincy Crew. They did it once in the group play and repeated the performance last night in the upper bracket finals, where they took game one of the best-of-three series with an EE-sama Faceless Void.  

Nonetheless, the same Faceless Void went from hero to zero in the second game as it was picked in the first phase of the draft and got countered by Quincy Crew with a minus Armor and rather mobile draft. Game three featured a strong team-fight line-up from QC, who drafted Sven-Treant Protector, Darkseer and Pangolier to help them survive Envy’s Morphling in the late game and any potential skirmishes coming from 4FUN with their Io rotations. The game went down pretty fast, thus preventing EE to scale for the late game and steal the victory in his notorious crazy manner.

4FUN, Thunder Predator and Infamous will duke it out later today in the lower bracket for a shot at challenging Quincy Crew in the grand finals, which are scheduled for Sunday, November 8 at 14:00 PST.

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