Recruitment Company Partners With Games and Esports Careers Hub Upei.GG in Brazil

Brazilian corporation Recrutei, which specializes in supporting and providing hiring platforms, is the new investor of Upei.GG, an agency focused on connecting professionals from all careers to opportunities in the gaming and esports world. With this investment, Recrutei also becomes a business associate of Lucas “S1mon” Almeida, who besides Upei.GG also owns shares of the traditional esports organization INTZ and the esports news portal Mais Esports.

Recrutei co-founder Matheus Gomes told The Esports Observer that the deal was signed in July 2020, but wasn’t disclosed until a solid business plan was developed: “we went through the problem solution and discovery phases to develop a proof of concept, and invited some teams and game developers to test it, then we started to get results.” Gomes said Recrutei’s investment into Upei.GG was in terms of indirect capital, providing technology, product, and business expertise.

Seeking to validate the business model and confirm that Upei.GG could be a profitable company, a proof of concept was run with the partners INTZ and Mais Esports. After approval, esports teams and games development companies such as Team oNe and Fanatee also started to display their job openings on the platform. The esports organization Havan Liberty took it a step further, using it as an exclusive recruitment portal through a whitelabel system provided by Upei.GG. “We offer different and personalised solutions for different companies depending on their necessities, from job boards, tests and employer branding consultancy, to a fully whitelabel Applicant Tracking System (ATS),” Gomes said.

Talking to the TEO, Gomes and Upei.GG co-founder Gabriel Sampaio Pangardi revealed that Upei.GG is planning to open for angel investment in January 2021, when it’s predicted that it will have solid and attractive numbers to be presented to interested investors. By the end of 2020, it is expected that the company will have 20 clients.

Upei.GG was founded in March 2020 by the esports enthusiasts Gabriel Sampaio Pangardi and Matheus Morita, with esports promotion company Bad Boy Leeroy‘s (BBL) Felipe Magosso Poveda joining as a consultant. The project then received investment and business consultancy from INTZ CEO and co-Founder Lucas “S1mon” Almeida, who is also an investor of Mais Esports, and this connection involved the esports news portal through its other associates Eric Teixeira and Rogério Almeida. From the Recrutei side, being a company operating since 2017, the associates are Matheus Gomes, Pedro Paulo Silveira, and Paulo Rogério Lázari.

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