Riot outlines Viego balance changes hitting League's PBE today

The adjustments should be deployed “this afternoon.”

League of Legends principal champion designer August Browning previewed a few PBE tweaks for upcoming jungler Viego today.

With Riot preparing for the Ruined King’s release later this month, the devs are working on balancing him out before he hits the Rift. Viego’s base armor and all four of his abilities will be adjusted “this afternoon.”

The champion’s armor is increasing from 30 to 34, which should help out with early jungle clears and skirmishes. His Q, Blade of the Ruined King, will have its monster healing modification decreased to 155 percent. And the cooldown of Spectral Maw (W) is getting increased to eight seconds.

Harrowed Path (E) will undergo several adjustments, such as the movement speed bonus also scaling off AP, the Camouflage reveal radius increased to 400, and the re-stealth time jumping to 0.6 seconds. And the execute on the Ruined King’s ultimate is getting slightly nerfed, decreasing its bonus AD damage to three percent, from five.

With a couple of weeks left until Viego hits League’s live servers, Riot is liable to administer more balance changes. Viego will be released in League Patch 11.2, which is scheduled to go live on Jan. 21.

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