Riot reveals Spirit Blossom Ahri, Kindred, Cassiopeia, and Riven skins

Welcome to the summer festival.

After a few weeks of anticipation, League of Legends fans have finally been treated to an official look at the next round of skins coming to Summoner’s Rift. Spirit Blossom Ahri, Kindred, Cassiopeia, and Riven will be hitting the PBE just in time for the summer festival.

The four champions will be joining Lillia, Thresh, Teemo, Yasuo, and Vayne in the skin line and will be released at a later time during the event. Riot Games also unveiled the new splash arts for each skin—and they’re as beautiful as you might have expected.

Ahri and Kindred both have light color schemes, with shades of pink, light blue, and white throughout their splashes. In Ahri’s recall animation, she actually turns into a fox, while Kindred plays a song from her bow in a similar fashion to a Japanese koto.

Meanwhile, Cassiopeia and Riven look a bit more ominous in comparison. The featured splash arts are darker, with deep purples and shadows that dominate both of their color schemes. Both skins are equally as impressive on the Rift, though, and each skin’s sound design is easily identifiable.

Here are the splash arts for these new skins:

Spirit Blossom Ahri

Spirit Blossom Kindred

Spirit Blossom Cassiopeia

Spirit Blossom Riven

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