Riot shows off VALORANT’s first Ultra Edition skin line—Elderflame

The dragon-inspired skins hit the store on July 10.

There’s no telling what VALORANT players can do with the power of dragons at their fingertips.

Riot Games showcased its first Ultra Edition skins for VALORANT today, previewing the fiery Elderflame cosmetics hitting the store on July 10. The weapons included in the bundle appear to be the Frenzy, Judge, Vandal, Operator, and a melee weapon.

Each weapon is replaced with a fire-breathing dragon and includes a unique reload animation. And a blazing drake descends from the sky to deliver a finishing blow whenever the final enemy of a round is killed.

Players will likely be able to use Radianite to upgrade the Elderflame weapons. Previous skin lines gain new animations, sounds, and aesthetics by being upgraded and the Elderflame skins will likely follow a similar trend.

Since these are VALORANT’s first Ultra Edition skins, fans can likely expect the cosmetics to cost a pretty penny. It’s unclear exactly how much, but they’ll likely be pricier than previous bundles.

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