Riot teases new VALORANT agent, plans to release “about 6 agents a year”

Fans got a sneak peek of the agent’s silhouette.

While some VALORANT fans are still getting used to Reyna, Riot Games has already given players a taste of a new agent on the horizon.

VALORANT executive producer Anna “SuperCakes” Donlon updated fans today on the future of Riot’s new tactical shooter. The dev explained how content drops will work, separating them into six acts across two episodes a year. 

“Episodes are meant to last about six months, with acts lasting about two months each,” SuperCakes said. “Agents will release at the beginning of an act, so if your math skills are awesome, you’ve figured out that we’re targeting about six agents a year.”

SuperCakes went on to ask for “a little bit of flexibility,” explaining that the devs will follow players’ cues on how many agents are too many or too few.

The video also briefly showed the silhouette of a new agent that will be released with Act Two. While Riot hasn’t given any additional information on the upcoming character, fans can expect a kickass hairdo.

Since Act One started on June 2, fans can likely expect to get Act Two and the new agent in early August.

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