RNG left on the outskirts of the China Dota2 Pro Cup by an almighty Phoenix Gaming

China Dota2 Pro Cup Season 1 kicked
back off again today after a short break and it would come with a double dose
of lower bracket elimination series, between some well-known and some
little-known teams.

After two days of break in the playoff
stage of the China Dota 2 Pro Cup, we were back to more playoff action as four
teams went into the battle to save their tournament lives. EHOME, LBZS, Royal
Never Give Up and Phoenix Gaming, all trying to avoid being eliminated

First up would be EHOME taking on
the seemingly near untouchable LBZS in what would decide which team would move forward
through the lower bracket of the event. Unfortunately, LBZS were absolutely
destroyed in just two games of the best-of-three series, with the new EHOME
squad easily stomping them throughout the two matches. No room was given for
LBZS, even after their brilliant group stage run and, as such, they were
swiftly decimated and eradicated from the China Dota2 Pro Cup. For EHOME, their
poor start to group stages seemed to finally have been reaching a point of them
showing their full strength to the region.

Next, and for the final series of
the day, we would see both Royal Never Give Up and Phoenix Gaming go head-to-head,
as RNG looked to repeat their 2-1 victory from the group stages – although maybe
not dropping a game to an unknown team. Unfortunately for RNG, things did not
start of well, as Phoenix dominated them from start to finish of the first game
– and going into game two, things seemed dire for the squad. However, after
nearly an hour of play, with one extremely forced and incorrect maneuver from Phoenix,
RNG managed to turn around an almost sure loss and tie the series.

The final game of the series went
back and forth, with both teams seeming to be on the brink of a victory at
multiple times – with RNG winning team fights, but Phoenix holding a strong net
worth lead. Everything came to a head just before the 40-minute mark when RNG
lost a massive fight around the Roshan pit and Phoenix capitalized to show that
they weren’t just some unknown team.

With that, the day ends at the
China Dota2 Pro Cup Season 1, with both Phoenix Gaming and EHOME moving forward
in the lower bracket – securing a series against one another tomorrow for their
tournament. All of this just before a massive upper bracket final between Vici
Gaming and PSG.LGD.

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