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It’s a good week to be a Rocket League fan, as it is going free-to-play and starting a new season next week. The game already updated to lay the groundwork yesterday, and next week the party will start for real. Today, Psyonix dropped the trailer for Season 1 with a preview of all the new stuff coming our way.

With the Llama-Rama Rocket League and Fortnite tie-in event coming up, it’s no surprise that the Battle Bus can be heard towards the end, and its shadow can be seen scrolling by.

Rocket League Season 1 introduces a new Rocket Pass

With streamlined seasons in Rocket League, the Rocket Pass will follow the competitive season. Starting next Wednesday, we’ll have a bunch of new stuff to unlock, beginning, of course, with the new battle-car: the Harbinger. Styled after a car from Rocket League’s predecessor game, we’re not quite sure what hitbox it is using yet, but with the Merc having received a new hitbox with this update, it’s not that unthinkable that the Harbinger also uses it.

There’s a bunch of interesting-looking content in there, some of which you can already see in the trailer. As usual, the premium version of the Rocket Pass will be 1000 credits, which is about $10 USD.

Season 1 Competitive and its rewards

A competitive Rocket League season is not complete without a reward at the end. Usually, we don’t get to see these rewards until close to the end, but this time Psyonix had them prepared for us. For Season 1, we’ll be getting decals, which was a popular reward when it was introduced back in Season 12.

Yep, you read that right. Season 1 is starting next week when we’ve already had Season 12? With the F2P update, Rocket League is resetting back to Season 1 to make it one cohesive, streamlined whole. Each featured season is starting and ending at the same time, so you know exactly when to expect each iteration to end and how much time you have left to collect everything you desire. Season 1 will end on December 9.

The new tournaments will also follow this same seasonal format, and they will also have some unique rewards. These rewards can already be previewed in-game. Just a few more days and we’ll enter a new era of Rocket League.

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