Seraphine’s ALL OUT Ultimate Skin: Icons, borders, and mission preview

Riot Games has just announced details of Seraphine’s launch, and with it comes her new Ultimate Skin. Players will soon be able to work through an entire missions system to unlock two additional Forms of Seraphine previously teased in yesterday’s official League of Legends post. Additionally, fans can also purchase extras, such as icons, a new border, and more.

Seraphine’s journey was not an easy one. She started as an aspiring singer, all thanks to her undiscovered talents stemming from her troubling abilities. Being a huge fan of K/DA, she dreamt of the day to sing on stage with them. By luck, Evelynn eventually discovered her and the group molded Seraphine into the star she is today.

Her new Ultimate Skin features that same journey through a series of outfits changes. Kind of like chromas, players can choose between different versions of her model. Fans must purchase Seraphine’s ALL OUT skin to begin the series of missions that will reward them with these two unlocked versions of her skin.

Mission rewards preview

Completing three Missions in her quest line unlocks the Seraphine discovered by Evelynn, a more confident musician. This features a blue-colored outfit and new ombre hair.

Finishing the following two quests will unlock K/DA Pop Star Seraphine, with entirely new designs. Once all forms are unlocked, players can switch between the versions in Champion Select. This is the first time a League of Legends champion has this feature, as most skin options are usually only chromas.

Additionally, Seraphine’s extras — her icons, border, and emote — will be available for 3250 RP. This also includes her Ultimate Skin. The icons feature two versions of Seraphine’s journey: an aspiring singer and ALL OUT Pop Star.

The missions are not out yet and will be available after her release on October 29. Stick with Daily Esports for more League of Legends updates.

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