South Korean SeolHaeOne Prince Partners With Chinese Edward Gaming, K-Pop Star Sehun to Becomes Shareholder

APE Sports (APE), the parent company of South Korean company organization SeolHaeOne Prince (SP),  signed a partnership deal with Chinese esports organization Edward Gaming (EDG). As a part of the deal, EDG became the “sister team” of SP.

The two organizations will host multiple lifestyle activities between China and South Korea, including inviting players for cultural exchanges, and food exploring. The organization is preparing to invite EDG players to South Korea, according to a statement that SP posted on Twitter.

Both organizations compete in the region’s top League of Legends competitions, the League of Legends Pro League (LPL), and League of Legends Champion Korea (LCK). 

In addition, APE also announced that Sehun, a member of South Korean boy band EXO, will become a shareholder of SP, which is also planning to apply for franchising in the 2021 LCK.

As The Esports Observer reported, entry fees for successful team partners will cost ₩10B KRW ($8.2M USD) for existing teams, and newcomers could be required to pay a fee between ₩12B – ₩15B ($10M – $12.3M).

In June another South Korean-Pop star, Kim Hee-Chul, invested in South Korean esports organization BRION E-Sports. The organization was also planning to apply for a franchising slot and compete in the 2021 LCK. 

Kim Hee-Chul is a member of the South Korean boy band Super Junior. Both Hee-Chul and Sehun have a significant presence in the South Korean music and film industry. 

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