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Season 5 of Street Fighter V is finally upon us and it brings with it its first DLC character, Dan Hibiki. Our Street Fighter V Dan guide will teach you all of his moves, what they do, and how best to wield the master (and only practitioner) of the Saikyo arts!

History and overview

First appearing in Street Fighter Alpha in 1995, Dan’s origin is an interesting one. Dan was made as a direct response to Capcom’s rival SNK for Ryo from Art of Fighting. Ryo was such a blatant rip off of Street Fighter poster boy Ryu that Dan was created to clown on them. Hence the pink gi and wacky attitude.

Throughout the years Dan has always maintained his role as the joke character of Street Fighter, but with each entry he’s appeared in he has slowly been turning into a real one. In Ultra Street Fighter IV–despite still being a low tier character–Dan was able to actually do a few things pretty well. He was even one of the few characters with a true infinite blockstring. Now in Street Fighter V Dan is actually a viable character. He is able to deal offensive pressure, has some unique tools, and can land some pretty good damage. Dan is also just a blast to play and all of his extra visual flourishes add to the charm of his character.

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