Summer Playoffs Patch 10.16 Preview: 24 Champions modified

Once again, Riot Games Lead Gameplay Designer for League of Legends Mark Yetter brings us a first Preview of the next version of the game: the Patch 10.16, one of the biggest Patches of this year.

Right after the announcement of Yone, Yasuo’s Brother, who is coming with this Patch, and with version 10.15 being still unexplored, Riot Games present us a huge list of changes and adjustments that will drive the meta to what they want it to be next World Championship.

10.16 Patch Preview: (Summer Playoffs Patch)

This is a very big list, but most of these changes are going to be small ones. Diversifying the playoffs meta as much as we can before fine tuning it for worlds.

— Mark Yetter (@MarkYetter) July 27, 2020

Apart from Yone’s release, we already knew that Patch 10.16 will bring new Spirit Blossom Skins, and now the preview tells us the buffs and nerfs that will change the game with the next version.

Twenty-four Champions will be modified. Ten will be nerfed, and fourteen will be buffed.

Nerfed Champions

The nerfed Champions that appear on the list are some of the most picked lately in pro-games. It makes a lot of sense to balance Champs like Volibear, Syndra, Kha’zix, Sett, or Karma.

Also some ‘weird’ picks like Nocturne in the mid lane, and other flex picks like Karthus too.

But in a meta where the bot lane is probably the most important lane, Ashe, Bard and Nautilus are the only Champions that will lose a little bit of power with the next version.

Buffed Champions

Here the list grows, and we can see that Riot Games’ intentions are not about nerfing the bot lane, but buffing more AD Carries that can compete against the super-carries that we have in the current meta, like Aphelios (who is not being nerfed this time), Ezreal or Kalista.

The AD Carries that will be improved are Tristana, Lucian, and Miss Fortune, which will also come together with some other buffs to bot lane Champions like Rakan and Morgana, both pretty forgotten lately.

We also find some disappeared Champions that, after being nerfed a long time ago, were forgotten in competitive tournaments, like Akali, Neeko, Fiora, and Hecarim.

The rest of the buffs are clearly designed to open the meta, to make it more diverse and funny. We can appreciate that with the buffs for Champs like Ziggs, Veigar, Yasuo, Jax, or Evelynn, who will be buffed to be played as a flex-pick, most probably for the mid lane and jungle.

Systems Adjustments

The only change that appears in Mark Yetter’s list is a nerf to the Nimbus Cloak.

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