Team Nigma make it to the Grand Finals of Beyond Epic: EU & CIS

After a long day of upper bracket action at Beyond Epic:
Europe & CIS, the first grand finalist has been decided, while three teams move
down into the lower bracket of the event.

Today we saw three upper bracket series from Beyond Epic,
with the last of the three being the upper bracket final. Starting the day, we
would see Team Secret and Team Liquid going head-to-head, with the winner
making it into the upper bracket final. After dominating the group stage and claiming
the first seed spot, as well as their recent performances at other events,
Secret were easily the favourites – but Liquid were never to be counted out.

Over two games, Liquid dismantled the Secret lineup,
claiming a 2-0 victory and moving into the upper bracket final, while Secret
would move into the lower bracket where they will face tomorrow.
Following that would see the second series of the day as FlyToMoon took on
Nigma. While Nigma seemed shaky at times, they managed to take a great 2-1
victory over FTM and push themselves into the upper bracket final against
Liquid, while FTM would go down into the lower bracket where they will face tomorrow.

 With the upper bracket final set, the two teams took the battlefield for what would be an amazing series of Dota 2 action. Liquid were the first to strike, claiming a splendid game one victory with a Bloodseeker from Michael ‘miCKe’ Vu going 16-2-9 in the 32-minute slaughter. But Nigma would fight back in a rather close second game but with the series tied at 1-1, it was down to a deciding third game.

Although Liquid had played amazing throughout both the
series and the group stages, they were no match for the Amer ‘Miracle’
Al-Barkawi Ursa in the final game and would end up losing the series 1-2. While
Liquid are not out just yet, they drop down into the lower bracket final, while
Nigma become the first team into the grand final of Beyond Epic.

The action from Beyond Epic: EU & CIS continues tomorrow
with lower bracket action, as three teams will be eliminated, leaving only
three for the final day.

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