The Big House 10 canceled due to coronavirus pandemic – Daily Esports

The Big House team has made the decision to cancel The Big House 10 due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. They made the announcement via Twitter on July 15.

The next iteration of this major Super Smash Bros. tournament series was initially going to take place in October. However, The Big House team announced in May that they were closely monitoring the coronavirus situation. As a result, they opted not to reveal an exact date or venue information at that time.

Ultimately, tournament organizers concluded that hosting The Big House 10 in October would be unsafe. The official statement made no mention of postponement; The Big House is usually one of the year’s last events anyways. Because of this, The Big House 10 most likely will not happen until Fall 2021.

Coronavirus and its effect on The Big House

Fortunately, The Big House brand may not remain completely dormant throughout the rest of the coronavirus pandemic. The staff noted that they are “currently looking at ways to keep The Big House spirit strong through 2020.” This statement hints at a potential online event later this year.

Online replacements may become standard for competitive Super Smash Bros. tournaments throughout the remainder of this year. VGBootCamp kicked off the trend by hosting Pound Online in April, and Collision followed suit in May. In addition, the GOML team is hosting Get On My Line 2020 beginning this weekend.

Because of The Big House, October became the latest month this year to see tournament cancellations because of coronavirus. As it stands, Shine 2020 is the next major in-person Smash tournament that has not yet been canceled. Currently, Shine is scheduled to take place from August 28 – 30. Of course, with The Big House canceling its event scheduled for two months later, it seems inevitable that Shine will eventually follow suit.

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