The ddz and YamateH stack of NEW Esports take down TNC Predator

Beyond the Summit Pro Series Season 3: Southeast Asia
continued today with lower bracket elimination action after BOOM Esports were
victorious over TNC Predator in the upper bracket earlier in the day.

As we went into the second round of lower bracket
elimination action, two more teams would have their tournament lives ended
today – with Neon Esports and Motivate.Trust Gaming kicking things off. Having
tied their group stage match-up, the two teams ended the early part of the
event in similar standings and an epic performance was expected from both squads.
Unfortunately for Neon, although giving an admirable performance in the series,
they were completely outdone by Motivate.Trust over two games. Unfortunately
for Neon, that would mean they were eliminated from the BTS Pro Series Season
3: SEA, while Motivate.Trust move forward in the lower bracket where their next
opponent would be decided in the day’s final series.

Having lost to BOOM earlier today in the upper bracket, TNC
Predator were now forced to play for a second time today in a lower bracket
showdown against NEW Esports. Going into the first game of the series, both
teams seemed to be fairly well matched, with TNC even finding some great team
fights when it seemed they were falling behind. However, NEW’s lineup was too
much for the giants of the SEA region to handle and they would eventually
succumb and be on the brink of elimination.

Considering that many of the NEW Esports roster were implicated in the 2014 Arrow Gaming match-fixing scandal, it was surprising to see them back in a BTS event and playing rather well too. Although TNC were able to put up an amazing defense while base locked, even securing some great fights once again, they were unable to quell the threat of NEW and were subsequently defeated 0-2.

For TNC, this would be a dismal finish after their victory
at the recent ESL One Thailand 2020: Asia event as their BTS Pro Series Season
3: SEA run ends here. For New, they will get to march forward in the lower
bracket where Motivate.Trust Gaming await them in tomorrow’s lower bracket
round three showdown – which takes place after the upper bracket final between
Among Us and BOOM.

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