Unicorns of Love to Establish ‘Europe’s Biggest Gaming House’

Esports organization Unicorns of Love is relocating from its gaming house in Berlin, Germany, to a new facility in Hamburg – the city where the organization was originally founded. Together with its investor Tomislav Karajica the organization will turn the former Telekom Conference Hotel into “Europe’s biggest gaming house and esports hotel.” The new facility is planned to open by the end of 2021.

The building will serve as Unicorns of Love’s operational headquarters as well as the practice and housing facility for its teams. Additionally, it will serve as a community space for events and engagement opportunities as well as hosting boot camps for teams. According to a release, the goal is to create a space that is “mutually beneficial to professional esports teams and casual gamers.

Despite the lack of any geolocated competitions beyond the Overwatch League, many esports organizations have worked to connect to specific cities in recent years, in part through facilities with a space for community engagement. Unicorns of Love now follows this trend, but with the backing of an investor who implemented similar practices with the Hamburg Towers basketball Bundesliga club – overseeing operation of its arena and establishing a neighborhood sports building.

Unicorns of Love is currently competing at the League of Legends World Championship representing the CIS regional league.

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