Ursa gets buffed as this coming Sunday Aghanim's Trials are set on the highest ascension level

The latest Aghanim’s Labyrinth updates bring another batch of buffs and nerfs to several rooms and a couple of buffs for Ursa while the Trials are announced to take place on the highest ascension level, Grand Magnus.

Although the Trials are set on the Grand Magnus difficulty, anyone will be able to give it a try, regardless of their progression through the Labyrinth. However, reaching Aghanim and defeating him will be quite a challenge this week, even for those who have completed all the ascension levels.

Nonetheless, to slightly ease the task, Valve has buffed Ursa, a hero who seems to be more and more popular in the Labyrinth normal runs.

Ursa updates:

  • Earthshock bonus damage upgrade increased from 75 to 100
  • Relentless: stacks gained increased from 1 to 2
  • Ursa Minor: Cubs’ Fury Swipes damage increased from 20% to 25%

There are also several bugs fixed in preparation for this Sunday’s trials:

  •  Fixed a bug where passives would sometimes not update their values from upgrades immediately
  • Fixed Weaver being able to reduce Swarm’s attack interval to near zero
  •  Fixed Ursa’s Relentless stacks getting wiped by re-casting Overpower
  • Fixed Ursa being able to get permanent Concealed

Encounters that have their difficulty adjusted down:

  • The Malorkian Hammers
  • An Unwinnable Standoff
  • The Soothing Sounds of Sirens

Encounters that have their difficulty adjusted down:

  • The Beastly Babies
  • Rizzrick the Razorsaw
  • A Bad Trading Post

Aghanim’s Trials begin Sunday, August 2nd at 12:00 CEST/03:00PDT/18:00 PST, when players will be able to choose a two-hour time window to queue and test their strength through the labyrinth. The two-hour window will be available just once each week. Competition windows will be spaced out in five hours intervals, much like the TI10 Battle Pass Gauntlet challenge. More details on how the Trials work can be found on the event official FAQ page, HERE.

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