When will Epic Games release Cars into Fortnite Season 3?

The Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 3 v13.30 update arrived early this morning for all players. There were some rumors leading up to this update that signaled the long-awaited arrivals of driveable Cars was imminent. However, to the community’s dismay, it appears that Epic Games has delayed the release of the vehicles for a later update. At the time of writing, it’s unknown if this is due to a problem with the Cars or a conscious decision on Epic’s part. Either way, the exact arrival of Cars in Fortnite is unknown, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate.

Cars in Fortnite

Currently, there’s a ton of information going around about Cars and when they’ll arrive in Fortnite. Of course, no one knows for sure, though, so take anything you hear with a pinch of salt as leaks can be inaccurate. The latest example of data-miners guessing Cars would arrive with the v13.30 update is proof of that.

That said, we can look to the game files to get a better idea of when Cars will make their way to Fortnite. As of right now, it seems that the vehicles aren’t even mentioned in the files unless they’re in an encrypted pak, which can’t be seen. Twitter account @gameshed_ fills us in on how the files currently look.

50/50 chance that they might end up being in one of the encrypted paks, we’ll have to wait and see pic.twitter.com/zRIYjPoyN1

— big john (@gameshed_) July 21, 2020

According to @gameshed_, players might have to wait until the next update to see Cars added. This should occur two weeks from now, as Epic Games plans its updates for Fortnite on particular dates.

However, the information above does contradict another leak we received with the last game update. Data-miners were able to dig in the files and discover the challenge list for Season 13 Week 6 and something’s not adding up.

Image via @iFireMonkey

The fourth challenge on this list requires players to gas up a vehicle at Catty Corner. Obviously, this current week is Week 6 and the game’s big update didn’t release Cars into Fortnite. So, either Epic Games made a mistake or they were forced to delay the arrival of vehicles and will have to change this challenge list.

It seems as though players will need to wait at least another week or two for Cars to arrive. Of course, things can still change, but that seems like the most probable timeline.

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