Fortnite: Gas Up A Vehicle At Catty Corner Guide

Fortnite’s latest set of challenges are coming later this week and one of them is a little tricky. The Week 6 challenge tasks you with gassing up a vehicle at Catty Corner. Gassing up a vehicle isn’t possible in-game yet, but leaks hint at it becoming possible soon. This guide will show you the best way to gas up once it is possible.

These challenges leaked early and aren’t live in Fortnite just yet. Check back on Thursday to try them yourself.

How Do You Gas A Vehicle Up?

Epic Games is getting ready to add cars back into the game and this time you’ll be able to fill them up with gas at one of Season 3’s many gas stations. Dataminers have found files in the latest July 21 update that talk about gas cans, and the map used to show gas icons when you were flying in a helicopter or driving a boat. Nothing is available in-game yet—I’ve tried to gas up a helicopter at Catty Corner but it didn’t work.

This challenge should launch on Thursday so hopefully we’ll be able to fill up our tanks by then.

Where Is The Closest Vehicle To Catty Corner?

Catty Corner is a known named location in the bottom right corner of the map in the G7 tile. It’s where Kit, one of the bots that carries a legendary weapon, is located. He, and a number of other bots, swarm the location, making it very dangerous to land there. If you do land there you’ll need to eliminate all bots and whatever other players decide to drop there.

I’d recommend landing elsewhere and grabbing a vehicle and then going to Catty Corner once some of the madness has died down and you’ve collected some weapons and gear.

What Reward Do I Get For Completing This Challenge?

Gassing up a vehicle at the Catty Corner will earn you 35,000 experience points. Be sure to complete this challenge and others throughout Season 3 to unlock all the cosmetics in the battle pass.

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