Fortnite Movie Nite Lets You Watch A Christopher Nolan Movie In-Game Today

Hot on the heels of announcing Fortnite’s next concert-style event, Epic Games is preparing for something else that strays outside the confines of what you’d expect from a battle royale game–or any game, really. This Friday, June 26, you’ll be able to jump into the game to watch a full Christopher Nolan movie as part of Fortnite Movie Nite. [Update: The first of these showings has now taken place, and it’s actually pretty fun to watch Inception inside of Fortnite. There are still additional showtimes coming up later today that you can see below.]

As with many of Fortnite’s entertainment-centric events, this will take place in Fortnite: Party Royale, the special playlist where combat is disabled. Depending on where you live, you’ll see one of three different Nolan films: Inception, Batman Begins, or The Prestige. Those in the United States will be able to see Inception at three different times over the course of the day: 8 AM ET, 8 PM, and 11:55 PM. Those in the UK get a single showing of The Prestige at 5 PM BST. Australia doesn’t currently have any showings scheduled.

These will be the full-length version of the movies. Fortnite recently had a Nolan tie-in when it premiered a new trailer for his upcoming movie, Tenet, and at the time it was announced that full screenings for older movies of his would be held in the game. Epic has enjoyed a great deal of success with these forays outside of typical gameplay–the Travis Scott event attracted 12.3 million concurrent players at one point, setting a new record for the game.

Watching a movie inside of the game seems like a much different sort of thing, both due to the length and nature in which you’d be watching–not to mention the prospect of watching it on your phone. If nothing else, we know how David Lynch would feel about that.

Fortnite Movie Nite Schedule

United States

  • Inception — 5 AM PT / 8 AM ET
  • Inception — 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET
  • Inception — 8:55 PM PT / 11:55 PM ET

United Kingdom

  • The Prestige — 5 PM BST

Full schedule for other regions here

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