Phantasy Star Online 2 Adds Persona Items In New Crossover Event

The latest Phantasy Star Online 2 event takes full advantage of Sega’s ownership of Atlus as players will be able to unlock items based upon the three latest Persona titles and its dancing spin-offs. The MMO’s latest event launches today and users can spend 200 ArksCash on a ticket that will allow them to redeem one randomly drawn item from the Persona Paradox collection. This crossover event will last until September 8, so fans have nearly a month to unlock the outfits and music that they want.

There are over 80 clothing items available, which will allow players to customize their character to look like many of the most popular Persona characters. Highlights include outfits that will allow players to look like Persona 3’s protagonist, don a bear costume like Teddy from Persona 4, and even dress up like the Phantom Thief Joker from Persona 5. In addition to clothing, players can unlock 15 music disks, nine emotes, and several posters and statues that can be used as furnishings.

Sega is encouraging players to purchase multiple tickets as they will get bonuses at certain milestones. Mostly free tickets or bonus keys, these start at five and go all the way to 120. After using 20 tickets, players will unlock an exclusive female CAST face variant that looks like Aeros from Persona 3.

Phantasy Star Online 2 finally released earlier this year in North America on PC and Xbox One. It originally came out in 2012 in Japan and has been regularly updated ever since. An expansion called New Genesis is set to release next year on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.
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