Pokemon Go Darkrai Guide: Counters, Weaknesses, Raid Hours, And More Tips

Pokemon Go’s Halloween 2020 celebration is almost here. The event kicks off today, October 23, and as part of the festivities, Darkrai is returning to the game. The Mythical Dark-type Pokemon will be featured in five-star Raids until November 5, giving you another chance to capture one. If you’re looking to add the Mythical Pokemon to your collection (or just want to stock up on some more Darkrai Candy), we’ve rounded up some tips to help you beat and catch Darkrai below.

Darkrai Raids

Darkrai will appear again in five-star Raids starting October 23 at 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET, just ahead of Pokemon Go’s Halloween 2020 event, and it’ll be available until the same time on November 5, giving you two weeks to encounter it. As usual, Darkrai Raids don’t follow a set schedule, so there’s no telling when one will begin, but you’ll receive a notification in-game when a Raid near you is about to start.

As usual, your best chance to encounter Darkrai will come on Wednesday evenings, when Niantic holds its weekly Raid Hour events. There will be two Darkrai Raid Hours before the Mythical Pokemon slinks back into the shadows. The first takes place on October 28, with the second following on November 4. Both events will run from 6-7 PM local time.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to have a Raid Pass to participate in a Darkrai Raid. You can either purchase these from Pokemon Go’s in-game store or receive one for free when you spin the Photo Disc at a PokeStop; however, you can only hold one free Raid Pass at a time.

Darkrai Weaknesses And Counters

Before you can have a chance to catch Darkrai, you’ll first need to defeat it in battle, and it’ll prove to be a tough opponent. Darkrai is a pure Dark-type, which means it is susceptible to Fighting, Bug, and Fairy Pokemon, so you’ll want to have monsters of these types on your team when you challenge it.

For Fighting-types, Machamp will likely be your best bet, particularly if it knows Counter and Dynamic Punch, but Conkeldurr, Terrakion, and Lucario are great choices as well. Heracross and Scizor are both good Bug-types to use, the latter especially if it knows X-Scissor. Fairy-types are harder to find because they’re among the rarest Pokemon in the game, but Granbull, Togekiss, and Gardevoir with Dazzling Gleam will all be effective against Darkrai.

Types To Avoid

Two types you’ll want to avoid using when challenging Darkrai are Ghost and Psychic. The Mythical Pokemon resists both elements, so those monsters won’t fare very well against it. Note that Gardevoir is also part Psychic, but it takes neutral damage from Darkrai thanks to the fact it is also part Fairy, and it can hit the Mythical Pokemon back super-effectively if it knows Dazzling Gleam or another Fairy-type attack.

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