Pokemon Go July 2020 Events: Kyurem, Larvitar Research Breakthrough Reward, And More

July is officially here, and Pokemon Go developer Niantic has outlined a number of events it has lined up for the popular mobile game over the next few weeks. In addition to the weekly challenges being held in the lead up to Pokemon Go Fest 2020, July will bring a new Legendary Pokemon, Kyurem, to the game, as well as a new Research Breakthrough reward encounter and more.

July Research Breakthrough Reward

On top of a new batch of Field Research tasks to complete, there will be a new Research Breakthrough reward in July. Each time players collect enough stamps to achieve a Research Breakthrough this month, they’ll earn an encounter with the Rock Pokemon Larvitar, and there’s a chance it may even be Shiny.


Once Zekrom leaves Raids on July 7, the Legendary Ice/Dragon Pokemon Kyurem will make its debut in Pokemon Go. Kyurem will be available as a five-star Raid boss for several weeks, and there will be a Kyurem Raid Hour every Wednesday evening from 6-7 PM local time, giving you plenty of chances to catch it.

Pokemon Spotlight Hours

Every Tuesday at 6-7 PM local time, Niantic will hold a Pokemon Spotlight event, making a certain Pokemon much more common that evening. Alongside each Spotlight Pokemon will be a special in-game bonus, such as double XP for catching Pokemon or double Candy for transferring them. The full Spotlight Hour schedule for July is as follows:

DateSpotlight PokemonSpotlight Bonus
July 7Taillow2x Candy for transferring Pokemon
July 14Zubat2x XP for evolving Pokemon
July 21Oddish2x Stardust for catching Pokemon
July 28Buizel2x XP for catching Pokemon

Pokemon Go Fest 2020

The first global Pokemon Go Fest takes place on July 25 and 26, but before then, Niantic is offering a series of challenges each week leading up to the event. If enough players on each team can complete these challenges, Niantic will unlock additional Pokemon during Go Fest weekend. You can read more about the Pokemon Go Fest weekly challenges here.

Pokemon Go Fourth Anniversary Event

Running alongside the first set of weekly challenges is Pokemon Go’s fourth anniversary celebration. The event takes place from July 3-8, and during that time, Flying-type and party hat-wearing Pokemon will appear in the wild, raids, and eggs much more frequently than usual. Players will also have a chance to catch Shiny versions of Pidove and Flying Pikachu, and the Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh will return for a special Raid Weekend from July 3-6.

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