Pokémon Go’s Team Rocket will come harass you by hot air balloon now

Pokémon Go developer Niantic has been teasing a new addition to the mobile Pokémon game in July, which manifested Tuesday in the form of a hot air balloon invasion from the game’s bad guys: Team Go Rocket.

For Pokémon Go players stuck at home during quarantine and rural players who may not be able to get to a PokéStop regularly, it’s a nice perk inline with recent additions like free daily rewards, Remote Raid Passes, a daily guaranteed spawn nearby, and a reduced reliance on going outside to play the game.

But it seems like Niantic may have bigger aspirations for Team Go Rocket’s new invasions; players in Germany have reported seeing a real-life hot air balloon sporting the Team Rocket logo in the sky. Players have also data-mined dialogue from the game that hints at Team Rocket leaders Jessie and James, so maybe there’s more to this latest addition than just an opportunity to battle Team Go Rocket from our homes.

With Pokémon Go Fest coming up perhaps we’ll learn more about Niantic’s plans for Team Go Rocket soon. Players will probably also get another chance to catch a “Summer Style” Pikachu soon, based on recent artwork released by Niantic.

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