10 Most Fashionable Pokemon Trainers

The world of Pokemon is as diverse as it is large, and that’s true of both the critters themselves and the humans who live alongside them. As a result, there are a lot of, shall we say, interesting fashion choices made by the more prominent trainers.

Fashion is important, especially when you’re a high-profile gym leader or member of an Elite 4. It can be a fun way to express your personality or even be a part of your personality. With all that said, some Pokemon trainers that we know and love manage to serve a bit more of it than others.

10 Winona

Fortree City’s gym leader and queen of the skies, Winona, is a great example of making your type specialty blend seamlessly with your fashion choices. Her helmet has inbuilt aviator goggles and beautiful wing-shaped embellishments that make an impression.

Her color scheme is also very pleasing to the eye, with pastels that complement her ace, Altaria. She even dyes her hair to match the rest of her outfit, showing a true dedication to the aesthetician’s art.

9 Morty

While Morty’s outfit may look rather understated compared to some of the louder trainers on this list, his fashion is a masterclass in picking the right accents. Most notably, he wears a fashionable, distressed scarf that looks comfy and stylish.

The splashes of purple that he adds into his fit from head to toe really tie the look together, and the red edging of his scarf serves to remind you of his status as a Ghost-type gym leader, evoking fire and blood. It’s a well-thought-out look.

8 Olivia

Olivia looks rich; there’s no other way to put it. She’s a Rock-type trainer, and she channels that effortlessly through a jewel tone color story that draws the eye to her clothes and is sustained through flourishes of purple and blue in her jewelry.

Speaking of, jewelry, in general, is quite rare in the world of Pokemon. Therefore, seeing Olivia dripping in bracelets, necklaces, and anklets is a big plus for her fashion score.

7 Fantina

Extravagance, thy name is Fantina. This Ghost-type gym leader is a huge fan of ballgowns, and hers is a beautiful number in a deep shade of purple with glamourous hints of sparkle and a Drifblim-themed applique that creates some shape-giving ruching.

While the dress would look better if it hit the floor and her hair is an entirely different discussion entirely, it cannot be said that Fantina does not make an impression and is unique among her peers in putting her fashion foot forward when it comes to her work attire.

6 Piers

The gym leaders of Sword and Shield are often a bit underwhelming in the fashion department, thanks to any aesthetic choices being marred by the regulation sports uniform style they must all adopt. Piers, however, makes his outfit his own with a keen knowledge of how to accessorize.

With various spikes, a leather-looking belt, skinny shorts, and even skulls on his shoes, Piers evokes the emo fashion trends of the late 2000s. This suits his character and the aesthetic of Spikemuth – he’s on point.

5 Clair

When it comes to fashion, the Dragon-type specialists are key players. Clair, for example, makes an impression with her dramatic statement cape and massive pearl choker.

She’s another trainer who expertly ties her style to her choice in Pokemon, with sleek, body-fitting one-piece and the head-to-toe blues evoking shades of her Kingdra and Dragonair. Her big hair and thigh-high boots tie the outfit together, making her look like the imposing opponent that she is.

4 Siebold

A lot is going on in Siebold’s outfit, but it all ties together to make for an aesthetically pleasing fit. For starters, he wears a long apron that signifies that apart from being a Pokemon trainer, he is also a chef.

The blue accents that run through his outfit hint at his being a Water-type trainer. Finally, the petal-like fringes on his waist and around his neck connote authority and elitism, fitting for a member of the Elite 4. These details are meticulous and show that Siebold thinks hard about how he presents himself, injecting his personality into his clothing.

3 Wallace

Following one Water-type Elite 4 member with another, Wallace is smack bang in the territory of “camp.” He has two looks in the games, and both are as dramatic as his personality – whether they feature a large fashion cape or a beautiful, translucent scarf.

Wallace is clearly unafraid to make a statement with his clothes and is unabashedly flamboyant in his fashion choices. And really, what better match could there be for an ace like Milotic?

2 Victor And Gloria

In a shocking twist, Pokemon Sword and Shield have a surprising amount of fashion choices for you, the player. While their initial outfits are somewhat drab, Victor and Gloria can buy plenty of cool and fashionable pieces as they journey across Galar.

It only takes getting into a few online Max Raids to see what potential this game has for dressing up your player character how you want. You can make outfits for any weather, season, or Pokemon type if you so desire.

1 Elesa

You can’t get much more fashionable than a fashion model, and Elesa embraces that fact with gusto. In the gap between Black and White and their sequels, Elesa turns her gym into a gigantic catwalk that fits her personality perfectly.

Elesa gets to strut her stuff perfectly in the sequel games, wearing an oversized, electric yellow fur coat as a cape that she tears off in a dramatic reveal, serving high fashion with a yellow and blue bodysuit. Her color story is on point, her hair fits her proportions and overall style, and she has her poses down perfectly.

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