10 Pro Tips To Beat Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends Raid Chapter 1

The raid is the last portion of the free update that came to Ghost of Tsushima in the middle of October 2020, and players are avidly testing their skills in this endgame challenge. Iyo’s storyline told in Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends comes to an end, but not a quick one since the raid is split into three, fully fleshed-out, chapters.

Much like the raids found in Destiny, The Tale Of Iyo provides little directions to Ghosts as they navigate her realm. Naturally, the difficulty is the hardest found in the game. Though the road to triumph is hard and steep, there are a few ways to make everything less complex than it needs to be.

10 Form Your Team Appropriately To Make It Win

Unlike every other multiplayer activity in the game, the raid does not allow players to matchmake. It’s impossible to beat any chapter in solo mode, even if you are as strong as Jin Sakai himself, teams must be formed beforehand.

Gather at least a Ronin for healing support and an Assassin with the ever-so-useful group vanish ability. Equip smoke bombs in the ghost weapon slot and prioritize survivability in the rest of the loadout’s perks. Make sure that at least two people have a bow for the platforming section.

9 Memorize Locations Of First Crystals

The first, of five, stages in chapter one requires players to eliminate Khotun Kahn’s Mongols next to large red eggs scattered around the area. Once defeated, the enemies will explode and begin to crack these eggs until they pop and reveal a white crystal, which must be brought atop the stairs in front of a red door.

There are three crystals total, but many more eggs. The eggs containing crystals are always the same, so it’s worth memorizing their location in a first trial run, and then reset to quickly gather them.

8 Be Quick And Coordinate With Smokes And Invisibility

The team’s execution of this stage can be simplified by splitting in two groups. After learning the location of the crystals, two Ghosts can grab one while the other two grab another. Iyo actively searches for players in each stage, adding a time limit factor to the raid’s difficulty.

It’s crucial to be fast. Once the eggs are popped, one person has to carry the crystal, and the other should keep enemies away to clear a path. This is a great time to use smoke bombs and group vanish to simply things. For the last crystal, the entire team can converge on it and quickly complete the challenge.

7 Rotate Methodically At The Soul Well

The second part of the first chapter requires players to literally fill a well with enemies’ souls to open a gate. Blood-Touched Disciples spawn after clearing the village, they are easily spotted by the red beam they project towards the sky. Players have to eliminate these disciples, and subsequently enemies, to obtain Soul Potency, which caps at 20. Using the Samurai ultimate ability, or the Assassin’s, helps gather more souls that must be brought back to the well.

The trick here is to always leave one person at the soul well, because any progress made will otherwise slowly reset if no one physically stays on it. It takes Ghosts who have many souls some time to empty their reserves, so they can stay on the well while someone else goes to find another disciple.

6 Learn The Platforming Section With Some Trial And Error

Next up, players will have to face a platforming section whose challenge lies in its intricate design. With some exploration, pressure plates are found scattered around this area. Coordinating when to step on these plates is required to get each Ghost across a chasm.

The easiest way to do this is to split in teams of two again and learn the pattern to open up the path. First-time players in the raid should allow themselves some time to learn how this section works, since it can be fairly confusing at first.

5 Use Bows To Save Friends From Paralysis

Still in the platforming section, each group must step on their pressure plates and stay there until the other crosses the chasm and is ready to do the same. The challenge, and confusion, is created by floating red orbs that conveniently patrol around the pressure plates. These orbs paralyze players until they die, unless they are rescued.

This is why it’s a good idea to have some bows handy. Ghosts can shoot a paralyzed teammate with a bow, or strike them with a katana at close range, until the other group gets across to the next section. Rinse and repeat to move on from this area.

4 Decide And Listen To Who Calls Out Attunement Colors

In the next section, Ghosts have to get through some more platforming, luckily a more linear one. Three people have to collect attunements to open the gate to the next area, while the fourth helps them traverse special platforms, which appear only when the person holding the right attunement jumps on them.

Holding an attunement automatically hides the symbol, and color, that determines in which pattern to jump on the platforms. It’s key to determine who will not take an attunement and tell the other Ghosts where to jump. It’s like having a personal Lord Shimura who gives helpful advice.

3 Leave One Person At The Moon Attunement

Near the end of this section, players will stumble on the moon attunement. One person can grab it and jump onto the area below to destroy one of the seals that opens the gate. However, the moon attunement is needed twice for this purpose. That is why one person needs to stay where the attunement is found, because it automatically respawns once the first seal is broken. This prevents the entire team from having to jump on the attunement platforms all over again.

2 Run Straight Across The Bridge

Players have to run across a bridge before entering the last area of the first chapter. This bridge is littered with invisible Samurai ghosts and floating red orbs, whose sole purpose is to distract and paralyze. Eliminating these enemies is not required to beat the raid, fighting them takes too long and ensures getting stuck inside an orb. Again, using a smoke bomb or group vanish to run straight across makes this task incredibly easier.

1 Breeze Through Ascensions By Tackling Each One Individually

The last section is undoubtedly the hardest one. The hearing sense reveals four statues players interact with to initiate an ascension, which requires Ghosts to obtain kills following certain parameters. Some characters are better than others for certain ascensions — the Hunter can easily complete the ranged one with little difficulty.

However, the best way to tackle these tasks is to have one person attempt an ascension while the rest of the team sticks around to help, like how Samurais converge to help their clan. The focus is to get enemies to low health and protect the person ascending. Trying to do every ascension at the same time is significantly harder, but not impossible.

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